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About the Founder:

Frank O'Neill has a long history of expertise in the establishment of protocol and procedures for the review of plans and specifications, for Educational Facilities, Municipal Governments, and private owners, establishing policies and procedures for Inspection Personnel to insure code compliance with Florida Building Code, Life Safety Code, and Associated Codes and References. Monitoring day-to-day operations of the services provided by Building Officials, Plan Review personnel and Inspectors, Reviewing proposed code changes, modifications, declaratory statements, and code related legislation, and supplying constructive input to the appropriate individuals, committees or commission.

Frank's background in construction and code compliance was extensive. Beginning as a laborer, he then served an apprenticeship in the Trowel Trades, and in 1970, became a State Certified General Contractor. In the early eighties, his interests turned to code compliance and the code promulgation process. In 1981, he took a position as a Building Inspector for Lee County, a rapidly growing county in southwest Florida. He soon became the Chief Inspector, a position he held for many years. During his time as Chief Inspector, he became actively involved with the Southern Standard Building Code Congress International, the Building Officials Association of Florida, National Conference of States on Building Codes and Standards, American Institute of Certified Planners, the Governors' Code Study Commission and the Florida Building Commission, attending and participating in conferences, committees, and meetings. In July 1996, he began attending and participating in monthly meetings of the Governors' Code Study Commission and subsequent Florida Building Commission. He continues to be an active participant in many Ad Hoc and technical advisory committees.

Because of Frank's involvement with the creation and establishment of the Florida Building Code, he has been instrumental in the education of people in the public and private sector. He teaches, amongst other code related classes, the Core Curriculum course required by DCA and the Florida Building Commission. He has taught the Florida Building Code Core course classes statewide to Building Departments, Building Officials Chapters, Building Associations, Design Professionals, School Board personnel, Builders, and Developers and is widely recognized as a leading expert on the Florida Building Code.


American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP)
Qualified Member

Florida State Licenses
Florida Certified General Contractor
Florida Certified Building Code Administrator
Florida Certified Building Plans Examiner
Florida Certified Building Inspector
Florida Certified Mechanical Inspector
Florida Certified Plumbing Inspector
Florida Certified Roofing Inspector
Florida Certified Electrical Inspector

Southern Standard Building Code Congress
International (SBCCI)
Certificates of Registration
Chief Building Code Analyst
Chief Building Inspector
Building Plans Examiner
Building Inspector
Mechanical Inspector
Electrical Inspector Residential
Housing Rehabilitation Inspector
Housing Rehabilitation Code Enforcement Officer

Building Officials and Code Administrators
International (BOCA)
Certificates of Registration
Building Plans Examiner
Building Inspector
Mechanical Inspector
Residential Electrical Inspector

Building Officials Association of Florida, (BOAF)
Building Official
Chief Building Inspector
Chief Mechanical Inspector
Chief Plumbing Inspector

Council of American Building Officials (CABO)
Certified Building Official





Frank O’Neill, Aaron's Staff
1907 N. Evalena Lane
Fort Myers FL, 33917